Becoming an Authorized Reseller

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If you’re interested in becoming an authorized Rolling Rock reseller, you must have a business tax exempt sales license (issued by your local state/commonwealth) and a contractor/retail store that maintains inventory. Applications to sell Rolling Rock product from a residence/home or non-inventory location will be not be considered.

Please fill out the electronic Resale Application to begin. This document contains seven pages, and multiple forms.

Resale App FORM

Be sure to also fill out the Credit Application and Pennsylvania Tax Exempt documents legibly.

Once all pages have been completed, simply print all pages, sign each page where required, and send completed form to facsimile (610) 987-9779 or email it to the address provided to you. The application will be received by our Nationals Sales and Accounts Receivable staff.

Due to local, state/commonwealth, and federal laws, you may be asked to fill out additional forms. We ask that when one of our staff requests additional form(s), that you submit them promptly.

Rolling Rock Sales Administration staff will review all completed applications in the order they are received and notify you when the next step in the application process is to begin. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

The total review process may take up to 60 days. Your patience is appreciated. If you have questions about the application form(s), please call (610) 987-6226 and ask for the Sales Manager, or fill out our online email form on the previous web page and submit your question(s).