About Us

Commitment to Quality...
The Cornerstone of Our Success®

In November of 1955, Homer Weller and a hired hand began to quarry building stone in Berks County, Pennsylvania.  With two hammers and one truck as their only equipment, they relied on strong backs to quarry, cut, and load all the stones by hand.  In their first year they sold 100 tons of building stone, and growth has been more nonstop ever since. 

The year 1966 brought with it the first time Homer made Natural Fieldstone available for building stone.  This seemed to spawn yet more growth in sales.  By December 1974, the company became incorporated under the name Rolling Rock Building Stone -which comes from the local people using the name “Rolling Rock” to describe the nearby rock formations which are now company-owned.

Commitment to quality…the Cornerstone of Our Success® is a philosophy that is shared by both the corporate managers and the employees.  Because of this shared philosophy, our employees remain with us for a long time, which makes for an efficient and “family” oriented crew.  We believe hard work, perseverance, and outstanding service are all required to give our customers what they want when they want it.

Our production capabilities for the more than two dozen products we quarry are very extensive.  On most items we are at least two weeks ahead of sales, and some products are produced months in advance of actual need.  This applies to the winter months as well, and this alone sets us apart from our competition.

We are a major manufacturer of natural thin veneer stone, or adhered veneer.  We sort and cut products prior to using the latest sawing technology to slice these stone to less than 15 pounds per square foot.  We maintain inventory on every color we offer, for fast turnaround on customer orders.  This again is a unique advantage to our product offerings, inventory to support the published offering!

Besides our own products, we make available scores of building stone, thin veneer stone, and landscaping stone from all over the United States, plus we import scores of products from Asia, Africa, Canada, Mexico, and South America.  Inventory numbers easily top 20,000 tons, which makes for very happy customers when what they need is so readily available.

In addition to our vast selection of Building stone, landscaping stone, and our extensive inventory, Rolling Rock also offers excellent services.  Industry-wise sales representatives, interior thin materials showroom, full color product literature, comprehensive website, full size building stone and thin veneer and landscaping display areas – all are available for our customers benefit.  Free consultation services are available for any architect, builder, mason, landscaper, or home owner.  Many deliveries inside a 250 mile radius are made using company owned and operated trucks. Locally we also offer automated machine-unload delivery service.

Special needs such as crated or stone packaged on pallets, cut to size stone, and specially fabricated stone are also available at customer’s request.

Rolling Rock’s market area extends across the continental United States.  We also export to Canada and the Caribbean.  Naturally, due to market location, our strength remains in the eastern half of the USA.  To service such a large area, we maintain a 150 acre quarry and stockyard for both retail and wholesale accounts.  Over 1000 items are available for immediate shipment.

Need natural stone for a current or future project?  Why not consider Rolling Rock Building Stone, Inc.?  You are just a phone call or click away from learning more about a company with over 65 years experience in the natural stone business.  For an all-inclusive education about our company and all its operations, we encourage you to consider visiting us, and see if Rolling Rock is not the most complete one-stop source for building stone, thin veneer, and landscaping stone anywhere.  We invite your inquires and look forward to working with you!