Company Values

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Company Values

We, the men and women of Rolling Rock Building Stone, Inc. will be guided and driven by the values listed below.  These values will provide a roadmap, defining how we treat others and how we represent our company.  These values will be interwoven into our daily interactions, as well as, our long-term decision making.  We believe that by honoring these values, we will create positive long-term benefits for the company, our employees, customers, suppliers, and the community we serve.

  • Respect: We will respect all people equally without insulting, disparaging, demeaning, patronizing or belittling them, their opinions, or their ideas.  We will treat others as we would wish to be treated – with common courtesy and kindness.  We will be good listeners and open to new ideas and opinions.  Practicing these qualities in our daily lives and including a little self evaluation, will pave the way to earning the respect of others.


  • Humility: Our pride in our individual or team accomplishments must never be arrogant.  Success is best when shared, when everyone’s contribution is recognized.  Always remember our hardships along the road leading to success and lend a respectful hand and ear to others in need.


  • Honesty: We will be ethically unyielding and honest in all our relationships to inspire trust and confidence through both our words and actions.  We will always take the high road by practicing the highest ethical and moral standards, by doing the “Right Thing” and by honoring our commitments.  When we do make mistakes, we will be forthright in our actions and take personal responsibility.  It will always be our goal to treat everyone fairly and with mutual trust and respect.  Our integrity shall never waiver in the name of profit.


  • Teamwork: It’s all about people at Rolling Rock.  We know that our greatest assets are our employees.  Our goal is to inspire a friendly, warm, and exciting work environment and to achieve great results as a team.  The best team members have a positive influence on everyone they encounter, and they strive to eliminate cynicism and negative attitudes.  A little fun and humor is always welcome!                


  •  Quality Improvement: We will always strive to find quality improvements in everything we do.  This initiative shall be all encompassing including, but not limited to; product manufacturing, operational processes, customer service, communication, environmental, health & safety and educational initiatives.  This process must be ongoing and evolving if we are to stay on top of our game.


  •  Health and Safety: We will always strive to promote the highest level of Health and Safety for the benefit of our employees and visitors.  We will continue to focus on this initiative by maintaining a safe physical work environment, enhancing the mental work environment, establishing and promoting safe work practices, and by conducting continuous educational and training programs.  Health and Safety starts from the top with managers and supervisors who act as role models to set the standards bar high.  Although a good Health and Safety Program includes a written policy, it is most visible in our daily habits and attitude.


  • Environmental Stewardship: Our goal is to do our utmost to protect the environment in which we work and live.  We will strive to conduct our operations with industry best-practices and incorporate new methods and technologies as they become available.  As good stewards of the environment, it will always be our goal to seek improvements and strive to be a leader and role model for our industry.  This is a team effort, and we should all take pride in doing the right thing for our environment. 


  • Building Strong Relationships: Our goal is to build long-term relationships with employees, customers, suppliers, and others within our community.  Our reputation as a company has been built one stone at a time to form the foundation of trust we have come to appreciate today.  We will continue striving to build positive and enduring relationships that make our future success possible. At the end of the day, it is enduring relationships that matter most.


  • Passionate Determination: We value passion, determination, perseverance and hard work.  We are driven and inspired because we believe in who we are, what we are doing, and where we are going.  We are not interested in a job that is “good enough” for mediocrity is the road to ruin.  We believe in having a positive and optimistic attitude about everything we do because it is contagious and inspires others to share the same attitude.